5 email automations that helps your business

Email marketing is a tool proven to boost lead generation, conversions, sales and retention.
You want it but you are unsure where to start with email automation?
5 email automations that helps your business
To make it easier to adopt, we have put together some specific email automation suggestions below.
Some might seem simple, but these are selected as they give results and helps you take those initial steps. The first steps are important as it gives you the confidence to explore email automation further.
Let’s get in to it.
1. Birthday messages
This is your chance to give positive attention to your subscriber or customer. Giving a person attention on their birthday is more often than not a positive experience for the receiver (unless they have reasons for getting suspicious as to where you got their email address).
Be creative on how you do it. For some it might just be a simple “Happy Birthday”-type message, but if you can, you should add in something special like an exclusive birthday discount or similar.
2. Subscription confirmations
These people just gave you their details and said they wanted to receive information form you. This is a great chance to give them exactly what they want and communicate with them on their own request.
Use the opportunity to thank them, and set the expectations for what they will receive. Add an available discount or a freebie if you can.
Also take note in your CRM of what specifically they have subscribed to and showed interest for so that you can segment your contacts into different follow-ups. This increases the chance of not being seen as spam and to convert them to customers.
Pro Tip: Take the opportunity to ask them to confirm their email address, this will increase deliverability in the future.
3. New Customer Welcome series
Set the relationship up for success without using man hours.
Help the new customer to success using your product or services by sending them relevant introductory content or other relevant resources, and provide contact information or info about support channels available.
Why spend time on people that has already bought? Because these are your potential ambassadors and could refer you to people they know if they are happy.
4. Lead Nurturing
Most people are not ready to buy from you on first interaction. Capture your leads contact details when visiting your various platforms like your website or ads. This gives you the opportunity to nurture these into customers and be on top of mind when they are ready to buy.
5. Communication around events
Events are a great way to engage with your potential and existing customers. Emails can be automated for registration invites, follow up of people registered to ensure they show up, and post event communication to thank them for their interest and maybe follow up with a related offer or/and repeat important tips or topics from the webinar.

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