Let’s come together and create better marketing!




Marketing is an ever-evolving industry. Keeping up to date and understanding how various marketing choices work together is key to success.

You as a marketer might be great at some elements of marketing but lack experience in other areas. This community is for anyone interested in the field of marketing and will foster learning, discussions around real use cases, and both personal and professional growth.


Creating this community has been a long-time vision for me. The idea came from the frustration of marketing courses and education being too theoretical with little elasticity in application.

When I’ve been hiring marketers it has been difficult to find people with the drive and creativity to apply their knowledge in various situations with various types of customers. One way does NOT fit all.That is why I wanted to create a meeting place for marketers that want to expand on their applied knowledge in a safe positive environment and go from knowing siloed marketing knowledge to understanding the bigger picture when making marketing decisions.

The ultimate goal is to positively impact the marketing profession as a whole.”

Ines Rosef-Ingram, CEO of Pine3 Markeing


MarketingTalentHub is for anyone interested in marketing; from Marketing Agencies, Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, People working in Marketing for a Business, or others with an interest in the field.


MarketingTalentHub is a subscription model and costs only R249/month with no contract period (cancel anytime).

Promo! We are celebrating our CEO’s birthday month in Jan and will give everybody 40% off for the first 3 months, using a coupon code


What can I expect from the community going forward?

We have big visions for the MarketingTalentHub! We want it to be a place where we can also offer work opportunities for young marketers looking for experience to boost their CV, and are looking into a model where we involve non-profits.
We also want to build the community into a recognized community where employers will prioritize staff and applicants who are showing this commitment to their own growth by being members. As a part of this, we offer proof of membership and a badge to share on social channels and websites.


The Launch of MarketingTalentHub will take place in early 2024. If you fill in your interest during the month of January you will receive a voucher with 40% off the first 3 months. This can be used for the first payment after we have launched.

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